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Little E is finally willing to watch movies!!! The first one we watched together was Honey I Shrunk the Kids!! HA! Very excited about this, because typically when she watches TV, she's watching some cartoon that I have no interest in watching, so I end up cleaning, or working on whatever, while she watches..........then the guilt usually kicks in......and I feel like I'm using the TV as a babysitter. So anyway, just feels nice to sit together and watch a movie.

Marie Lafranque

It is nice! And yes I have the same thing happen when Victoria tries to watch one of her crazy cartoons during family movie night! All of us agreeing on one movie can be a thirty minute discussion at times...

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I am Marie Lafranque. Originally from France I am an artist and mother now living in California who is discovering her affinity with fabrics and thread. I live with my little girl, Victoria, and one old lady dog. Please feel free to follow and comment on our adventures!


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